Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day '07 (a/k/a Wookin' Pa Nub)


Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
My relations to date
Have all ended thus.

An initial spark,
Burning to flame,
Orange and hot,
Unable to tame.

What good fortune!
Think I at the time,
She must be the one,
And she's mine, yes, all mine!

But as sure as the sun sets,
And in the morning does rise,
The flame burns itself out,
It flickers and dies.

Sifting through the cinders
Of another love lost,
One is tempted to say
That it's not worth the cost.

Oh, but hope springs eternal,
In even a cynic like me,
That true love lies
In a new pair of eyes,
Be they blue, brown, or green.

It's the dream of this love
That all of us chase,
Never quite catching it,
As the ghost laughs in our face.

-- T.


KatieG said...

did you write this? if so, bravo...
if not, who did you plagerize it from? ;-)

T. said...

Sadly, the words are all mine.